Dreamy Cyberloops

Diomedes 117

I've really been enjoying cybertrooper talut plus euler/gauss, so I was trying to think of ways to easily refresh them and Brahman sprang to mind. That is kinda slow and unwieldy, but if you throw a prognostic q-loop into the mix you get a lot of free installs and strength boosts. Plus you get to play Brahman and turn its downside into an upside.

Economy: Decided to make the deck somewhat run based as you want to be running anyway to trigger Q loop, so threw a couple DreamNets in along with dirty laundry. Q loop also goes great with Aesop's to give you some nice free installs, especially once DreamNet is out and you can easily control what is on top of the deck. Sec testing is in there because I had influence to spare, but probably should be clot.

Breakers: Brahman, euler, and gauss cause they are great together. Ika just in case you need a sentry breaker, but it often is just there to be sold to Aesop or to be a cheap program to return and reinstall with Brahman. Pelangi is in the deck cause it's awesome and nice Aesop's fodder as well.

Mantle: I wanted a cheap program(ideally 0 cost) to juggle with brahman if I don't want to return breakers or don't have them yet. I've tried Kyuban(kinda meh), and i've thought about doing RNG key and 1 find the truth instead off security testing, but haven't had a chance to test that combo yet. Mantle is effectively 0 creds, because you use the recurring cred to break subs with Brahman, and then reinstall and the recurring cred comes back to be used again. It also can be used to pay for Q loop which is some nice upside over Kyuban.

Multi-access: 1 TTW, 2 R&D interface. Had an influence to spare so cut the 3rd R&D for a turning wheel.

Console: Supercorridor just because I need 2 mem and it seems like the best option. Could go Mirror or Maya but kinda need the extra handsize to mitigate the stimhack brain damage so Lat's ability can still trigger.

ID choice: This deck might be better out of Hayley, but I love DreamNet so wanted a link runner. Plus Lat's card draw is definitely nice and lets me feel ok about cutting diesel.

Any suggestions are welcome, I've only played about 10 games with it so far and it is somewhat tricky to play so still getting the hang of it. In a competitive tournament I'd maybe cut turning wheel and a stimhack for a clot, or maybe Sec testing and an RnD interface for clot and another turning wheel. Not sure though.

18 Apr 2020 bowlsley

This is a great idea! I spent ages trying to make a similar deck where I was using DreamNet to get the Brahman discard back into hand, but the required click to install, plus needing a successful run, made it very cumbersome. Q-Loop is a much better option.

It seems like you must run mem pretty tight? I presume your full rig is something like Euler, Gauss, Brahman, 1x Pelangi and one of Ika or Mantle?

I'd be tempted to try and include Compile and Technical Writer for some incredibly shapery BS, but I'm not sure how much it would pay off.