Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing [Winner, Iberian Lockdown 3]

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This deck went 5-1 in Iberian Lockdown 3, doing very well in a damage-heavy metagame despite having no damage tech.

The general game plan is as follows:

  1. Play a bunch of econ cards early
  2. Use SMC+Stimhack, or Modded, to cheaply install Inversificator
  3. Start swapping ice to foul up the corp's strategy (e.g. move Kakugo/Data Loop to HQ, swap Border Controls to R&D)
  4. Win via remote lock and/or R&D lock

Clot can make it difficult for fast-advance to close out, and Gebrselassie + Inversificator can set up very cheap accesses through doom stacks; in one game, I was able to put two Engram Flush + two Slot Machine on R&D, which I could break for 9-11 total credits. Shuffling ice around is much stronger than anticipated in the IB3 metagame, where corp win conditions tended towards Border Control click compression or Kakugo/Data Loop Obokata cheese.

Inversificator is also exciting to play since you get to discover all sorts of interesting Jnet bugs! Cheers to the Jnet team for quickly addressing these.

Many thanks to Vesper for hosting the event, and cheers to everyone that participated for being fantastic to play with.

19 Apr 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Really fun to see this deck do it’s thing in a meta where Big Rig Shaper was enabled!

Very tricky to play against which made it fun and challenging!