Mancunian Lockdown Winner #1

Brightsides 115

This shell was shamelessly stolen from Fiskpocalypse 3.0.

However as the format dictates, the Apoc's had to go.

The whole deck idea became that of pressuring HQ with Fisk's draw power, forcing the corp to hoard agendas in HQ and then take single accesses.

Wanton's went in because influence was suddenly free, and when the corp keeps good cards in HQ, let's get them out of HQ somewhere we can access easier.

Simulchip was a hedge against losing a breaker, as we were probably screwed if we did.

It did nothing for us, as we lost a corroder off the stack to a breached dome and had to bypass all barriers for the rest of the game.

Don't play this in standard, I'm 83% confident it won't work, and all losses as a result are totally not my fault.

21 Apr 2020 Longi

Interesting call, to take an apoc deck and take out Apocalypse :) And it still worked out! Congrats on the victory.