Improved Tracers is still a card (3rd at 25-person GNK)

paulyg 1034

NBN ice is pretty gross at the moment and 6-agenda Azmari seems very good. I didn’t really want to play that, though, and thought I’d see what I could do with some similar ideas in GameNet. The little bit of extra influence allows for a kill plan whilst maintaining some ok ice splashes and keeping an anti-apoc option available. I decided to lean into the GameNet ability with the ice and noticed that I was running a lot of tracers so thought I might as well pair a fun-but-annoying 3/1 with the 15 Minutes to account for the two extra points I had to play.

I took this to a 25-person GNK and went 3-1 with wins over Leela, Los and Kit and a single loss to an extremely sweet Amped Up into Wanton play from apoc Hoshiko when I was flooded! Something to manage agenda consistency is a possibility to slot along with something to hate out Film Critic but most match-ups seem pretty reasonable.