boreira 494

boris sift deck name credit: Bookkeeper

8 May 2020 ayyyliens

this looks quite rude

8 May 2020 boreira

can't disagree with that

9 May 2020 @Bookkeeper

..and now I won't use this password for private games anymore! The deck looks dangerous - earned an NRDB heart for the idea and a star for reminding me of the Colours of Disease.

12 May 2020 boreira

@@Bookkeeper thanks mate! just stay away of double imp

15 May 2020 Hangover_Glory

After the Rude Deck Outfit, I see boreira and I click like.

15 May 2020 boreira

@Hangover_Gloryhaha thx

28 May 2020 FreqKing

This wins the internet. Shut it down, we have a winner for today.

29 May 2020 boreira