Open borders - 1st place at Iberian Lockdown 4

Cpt_nice 1325

Very happy to report that after two previous top 4 places, I managed to win the latest edition of Iberian Lockdown, which was another amazing tournament! After strategizing for a while, I decided on Aginfusion because

  • It was a bargain at 6 points, giving me a high tier corp to combine with a lower-ranked runner to be solidly below the 10 point treshold
  • I thought it would be a glacier deck that could work fine without Border Control and SSL
  • Due to the Film Critic ban, I wanted to play Jinteki for Obokata

While Border Control definitely puts this deck over the top, even just being able to consistently aginboop the runner creates situations where runs are too risky or taxing, letting you slip agendas through. Nisei is of course the star of the show, but sneaking out Vulnerability Audit or Philotic can also win you games.

I had trouble figuring out the ice suite, so I took some inspiration from several lists. The one thing I was certain of was 3 Anansi, because people had to come up with creative killer solutions due to the Bukghalter and MK Ultra ban. I also expected lots of criminal, and bypassing an Obokata is the worst. The Thimblerigs were the real mvp though, as it allowed for some great ways to play around DDOS.

Ganked and Divert Power were mostly there for shenanigans but both did very little for me all day. The lack of Film Critic made Obokata an absolute monster, especially behind a Data Loop. And ofcourse, without said moviegoer and with the monstrous servers Aginfusion creates, Punitive was also a no-brainer. I actually managed to kill my opponent after they stole a Nisei. Twice.

The deck lost one game in swiss against Apocalypse Gnat due to some unfortunate mills from Fear The Masses, which I did not see coming. I beat 2 Neros and Ken, and then in the cut it won against the same Gnat (Data Loop on HQ was great against FTM and I managed to hold off the apoc) in a very close game and then it beat Lat in the finals by rushing out.

Special thanks again to Vesper for his effort into making these events so fantastic, and thanks to everyone who joined. See you next time!