A miserable pile of cards (4th at 30-player SC)

paulyg 1034

(Named by one of my opponents during practice on jnet who obviously took exception to me playing reg anarch.)

I've been playing a lot of 419 and fancied a change. After the huge success of playing Amina in Hayley, it was time to turn my attention to solving reg anarch. What sucks here? Draw. Cool, let's just play 3x Diesel, 2x Deuces and a draw ID.

Boomerang is obviously very good, and Boomeranging the inner ice of a 2-ice server with a Hippo out feels pretty good. Playing Hacktivist again also feels amazing, and it did a lot of work across the tournament.

Overall this deck was fine and beat GameNET, Mirrormorph and PE with losses to Blue Sun and Azmari. Being able to play aggressively in anarch feels more fun to me than drawing until I have 25 credits and a DDOS but is sadly probably not as good right now.

11 May 2020 Cliquil

THis looks incredibly cheerful to me