Penguin Power (Antwerp SC 6th Swiss*)

Okkdoko 1119

I dropped iso playing in the top8

To answer the question everyone asked: I only play Jes because penguins on motorcycles are the coolest thing ever. Sure you get to laugh at IP block, make Mausolus hardly taxing, or run through a Data Raven iso being a coward, but that's not relevant enough to choose Jes over another shaper identity. Since regular anarch is horrible right now, this was the next best thing I could think off which suits my favored style of runners who can put on pressure without much setup.

Besides the obvious 3x hot pursuit, the rest of the deck is just all the good cards I could remember, avoiding too many resources since scarcity is everywhere. Pelangi + Euler got the nod over something like stealth, as it enables efficient runs without too much hassle. Stargate and some "cheating points" from mad dash and notoriety are usually enough to close the game out before runs become too taxing. Sadly I never got to live the dream of Hot Pursuit into Stargate into mad dash into notoriety.

During the SC, this list went 3-2 beating Azmari, Sports, and ASA while losing twice to Azmari. It's a fun deck to play, but not really amazing; improvements could be made by dropping compile (never used), nanotk (too expensive, should be ika) and trimming the mad dashes/noto since 3 total is too many. Besides hot pursuit, Aniccam was the other MVP. Such a fun console, I love it.

Thanks to @ClusterFox for organising the SC online, and all opponents for some fun games.