Doofus Invents CI: 3-0 @ MTL GNK

syd7 312

The Montreal community graciously let me play in their GNK from three time zones over, and I brought this corp, which ended up matched against Amavric of the Metropole Grid. I think we played a pretty interesting game, which he posted on his channel here:

I love this deck, I think it’s really interesting to play, and it seems to be a unique enough invention that most runners really struggle to deal with it.

Win Conditions:

Score out - Fully Operational and Violet Level Clearance let you move through your deck and earn cash faster than most runners can ever keep up with. Cybernetics Court means you can draw heavily without worrying about agenda flood or discarding important resources. Eventually you can use your 9-card hand + Helheim Servers to build a monster remote that’s only 2 ice deep.

Punitive - Probably how most games are won. Even with only 2 copies, the draw power, increased hand size, and low agenda density mean that the runner usually has to win by stealing a Vacheron, which is Punitive Counterstrike’s best friend. It’s possible for a runner to be on gamepoint, steal 2 agendas, earn zero points, then die.


Project Vitruvius - I know it seems odd in a punitive deck, but the counters are usually game-winning when earned. I score it as a 4/2 whenever possible (I get 2 counters in the game at the link above). Having a vitruvius counter here feels like having an atlas counter in Argus: allowing you to recur Fully Ops for value or get the kill with only a single Punitive in hand. With no Archived Memories, this is your only recursion for operations (and the only way to get a misplaced Vacheron out of archives)

Project Vacheron - I can’t overstate the punitive synergy here. In the final turns, you can jam them repeatedly until the runner goes bankrupt running through your Tyr. Vacheron keeps the punitive kill on the table even when the runner is on 5+ points. As long as it never goes in archives! Vacheron never goes in archives - Vacheron never goes in archives - Vacheron never goes in archives - Vacheron nev…...


Cybernetics Court - What an absolute dark horse. I’ve been so shocked at how powerful this card is in a vacuum, before any fully op/heilheim servers synergy. Jamming VLC with no discards is incredible acceleration, and Legwork is a joke when you’re holding a 9-card hand. (for reference, I started playing just as Cerebral Imaging was banned) If the runner trashes it, usually the Asa trigger lets you dump your hand with minimal discards, and if they spent credits to do it, it all but guarantees you’ll have the credit lead to ensure the punitive kill later.

Daily Quest - I think this seems pretty obvious, since your plan is to build many iced remotes, but sticking one usually wins you the game.

Jeeves / Team Sponsorship - Neither of these are essential in every game, but each can be really powerful in limited circumstances. Often, you can install the one you need with Tech Startup on exactly the turn you need it.

Tech Startup - As above, many of the assets are situational so I’ve opted for less of them and more startups to smooth out the deck.

Marilyn / DBS - These could be any asset / upgrade you like, but I think this deck has just the right ICE / installable balance for Fully Op, so I think you’d want to preserve that.


Hagen, Gatekeeper, Drafter, and Tyr are the good ones. The others could be anything that’s reasonably taxing. First Tyr goes on the scoring remote with Helheim + one other ice. Second Tyr can sit unrezzed in front of any lone asset/upgrade for fully op value. Most centrals only need a single Ice; the agenda density is low enough and the deck is fast enough that you usually don’t care about letting in single accesses.

Other Stuff

Do anything for that Fully Op value. Install crisiums alone in remotes. Install Vitruviuses you never intend to score just for the Asa trigger. Draw ALL the cards. Most games end with < 10 cards in R+D.

Thanks to the Montreal group for letting me play with them; I hope to be back sometime.