Added currents - saw 0 Scarcity (1st Beanstalk Freedom 5-1)

HiddenAway 829

I added 2 Hacktivist Meeting's in after realising Scarcity was a card to be respected. I saw precisely 0 Scarcity's played against me.

The extra Earthrise Hotel helped with the draw. Aside from that, I played a little more aggressively and stopped waiting for DDoS and went 5-1 on the day (losing only to Argus, which I got revenge on in the mini cut).

This beat Harmony Medtech, The Outfit (twice), Argus and Acme.

24 May 2020 ChrisFerg

Congrats on the win! Very cool deck, I felt completely trapped in a corner in that last game.

How's it been against Azmari?

24 May 2020 HiddenAway

I haven't actually tried to play this against Azmari since adding the currents so it's difficult to say. However, I don't think Azmari will struggle too much unless you get a couple of good hits on HHN. It does lack the ability to mitigate the 6 agenda suite.

Thanks for the comment and sorry to ruin your unbeaten run right at the very end!