Late 252

A deck I received from the J-Net player Baa Ram Wu. I changed a few cards. In any Case I find it to be great fun to play. Thanks for the share of the initial Deck Baa Ram Wu!

29 May 2020 hermes

Nice deck! From personal experience, I can say that it can be very painful to play against, if you don’t know what you are facing :)

31 May 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @Latethanks for the mention!

Glad you liked this deck - I like the changes! The 1x biotic gives some particularly spicy plays using unadavanced fly on the wall which i hadnt thought about myself!

I also think cutting down to 2 Slee is probably a good shout (i had just been stubbornly sticking to 3 because ... well because i am stubborn!)

Took my version to a GNK the other day and got absolutely wrecked all day by everyone playing either Ddos and inside job so I'm currently rethinking mine to try and come up with a way of dealing with them.

One thing I'm considering is Embolus as the deck defo has enough money for it.

I'll certainly take this version for a spin and see how it plays!

3 Jun 2020 Late

Hey @Baa Ram Wu ofc I mentioned you here! There's no way I wouldn't ;-).

Yeah I saw there was 1 unspent influence in your list and fast advancing that last fly or Beale seemed to be a good idea, as well as the fly on the wall play you mentioned. Embolus is an idea. I struggle with slots a lot tbh and I wanted to have some more ice to protect Sandburg's and slees etc. So I put the Pachinkos ofc they don't do nothing Vs ddos, inside jobs, spearfishings and ofc Boomerangs. Sec. Nexus decks also give me a hard time on JNet ;-)

Take care and hope to catch you on the J again sometime.