For the cheevo - Top 4 at Lockdown 5

Cpt_nice 1247

While looking into decks to play for the fifth edition of (Iberian) Lockdown, I noticed that I had no overlapping factions across all previous editions. I thought it would be fun to top with HB and Anarch, since I topped in three previous editions, And I managed to do so.

I wasn't too sure about how Anarch would perform, as I expected a HB and HHN meta, but the deck performed well. It beat Haarpsichord, Seidr and Earth Station in swiss, and lost to the same Earth Station after a classic econ econ hhn.

I played Reina because she is the only red runner I like at a reasonable amount of points. The deck itself is pretty standard reg Anarch. Bravado because you're swimming in spare influence, mining accident for the credit denial, Stargate for multiaccess (even more important because TTW was banned) and Keiko because a 2 MU console for 2 credits is busted.

As per usual I leaned into the link archetype with The Archivist and Dreamnet, which worked out better than in previous editions. Against Earth Station he got me 3 bp. And Xanadu was also really fun, repeatedly having the corp rez an ice for 2 extra credits. Diesel was there because of spare influence and the I've Had Worse ban.

As always, big shoutout to my opponents and to Vesper for another great tournament, and looking forward to the next one,

31 May 2020 Longi

I like the build and since I am planning to look into anarchs for next diversified portfolio tournament I might give this a try. Hopefully meet you there;)