What's your clearance? (1st Iberian Lockdown #5)

Longi 1493


After seeing the ban list for Iberian Lockdown 5 my heart sank. How were we, the rush players, supposed to play without Rashida? Well, the answer was not that hard in the end. Haas-Bioroid clearances!

The deck does not offer much in terms of originality. I always prefer to rely on synergy than on spicy surprises. Therefore all my ices with the exception of Border Control are bioroids (even the Ash 2X3ZB9CY is) in order to maximize the value of ID ability. The Jinja City Grid was obvious choice in format where Apocalypse was banned and also criminals were non-existent so you could dedicate most ices to the one impenetrable remote server. The rest of the deck was just draw and money since the latter is much needed in situations when runner does not run much and you are then forced to rez all the fairly expensive ices with discount. In order to prevent that, you have to keep jamming cards into remote and force the runner to act. Otherwise you risk losing the game on R&D to Stargate.

Overall, the deck lost only once. I am not gonna list all the IDs I faced during games, instead I will list all the lovely opponents since every single of them was nice and willing to chat and made the tournament very pleasant to attend. Thank you @anarchomushroom, @met4, @Haway, @Cpt_nice, @Baa Ram Wu and @cableCarnage.

Special shout-out goes to @Cpt_nice since during our cut game his connection failed while I was leading 4-0 and after our discussion about the foreseeable outcome of the match he graciously conceded the match.

Another special shout-out you goes to the relentless TO and commentator @Vesper who continues to make this amazing series happen!

31 May 2020 Cucin

Congratulation Longi to your big victory and performance in tournament.

31 May 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats @Longiit was a deserved win!

Playing against this in the final felt brutal and I am just very happy I got such a good start in our first matchup as even my surfer nonsense would have struggled to keep up with this one once it was rolling!

31 May 2020 Longi

@Cucin Thanks man.

@Baa Ram Wu Thank you. Those were good games, pity that the first two were influenced by the agenda floods. But the final final one really was epic. NGO rulez:)

1 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

NGO banned from lockdown #6 - you heard it here first! ;)