Drug Filter (3-2 and 4th at OKORINA tournament)

paulyg 1034

Here's my runner from the OKORINA tournament. Ignore Nero, your ID is The Class Act (45/12 with a link)!

When I was looking at the runner options for this tournament, TCA stood out as an ability that seemed incredible and I set about maximising it. Drug Dealers allow you to get a filtered draw on the corp's turn as well and the effect of this was letting you build up an enormous amount of econ in the early game whilst threatening Boomerang / Inside Job for rush attempts.

To counteract the downside of the dealer I tried to stuff in as much drip econ as I could fit in the influence and all the good criminal events. With no 'classic' econ IDs on the corp side of the tournament I thought there was a good chance of keeping them poor (Beth is still fine - I'm happy with credit / draw) and Hernando was designed to play into that. I was a bit worried about facing a Better Citizen Program deck so the Citadel was sort of a nod to that and anything else that might try to tag me.

This deck won against Bacterial Programming, Divested Trust and Puppet Master but lost close games to Glenn Station and Advanced Concept Hopper. The real win, though, was not having to install Makler all day.

Thanks to Sanjay for running a brilliant and very different tournament.