Bagbite Them Asses - Bagbiter, 2-3 OKORINA

Shiiuga 1206

Is this the greatest deck ever published? Definitely not.

Does it have the most wins in a tournament by a deck containing Theophilius Bagbiter? Almost certainly.

When I saw the Okorina tournament I knew I wanted to play Bagbiter. I took a deck with the same concept to the Philadelphia charity tournament a couple of years (a few years? who knows, time is meaningless now) ago and came dead last so I really wanted to see if I could make it work.

Testing got off to a slow start but in the end I managed to deck a Glenn Station and an ARES so I figured it would be fun at the very least.

In the end it went 2-3, winning against a Transport Monopoly deck and a Voting Machine Initiative deck, both of which were doing their absolute damndest to stop it. In the other games it was a turn or 2 away from popping the combo when they got the W, or in one case it only trashed 6 on the final turn before they won.

It was fun to play. Game Day really accelerates once you have bonkers money (which you almost always do). Someone suggested going 1x on breakers and adding an Eater instead of the Deuces, which I could see. Amped Up would be good to allow you to do all the FTM in a turn, but it's not better than Game Day or worth dropping one of the FTM for.

I'll probably play a real deck next time like some sort of coward.