Not a remote chance (19th @BLM 4-2)

Bridgeman 437

This is the earth station deck I brought to the BLM tournament. It got me 19th place and went 4 -2.

Shoutout to Siegl for inspiring me to build an eath station deck with triple IP block and slot machine :D

The game plan is pretty simple, exploit the ID to be able to have a well defended HQ and expensive remote at the same time, while not necessarily requiring too much ice. If the runner ever goes too low you drown them in tags to slow them down/ kill them. A nice turn one play is: Ice HQ, flip ID install rashida/daily quest.

If they pay to run the remote border controls are a great way to force 6 more credits out of them.


Hostile takeover and SSL endorsement are pretty great. SDS often doesnt do too much but it´s the best option given the 3-pointers available. The only other solution is to switch up the suite to run some two-pointers, but I think this works pretty well.

I kind of wish there was some nice sentry to play instead of surveyor that has a more consistent tax, as there are many cases where thin layers of ice are preferrable. It does still do a pretty good job and synergizes with HPT.

On the day the deck went 4 - 2 winning all games where is was not terribly flooded :P So I´d say that is pretty good :D Most games were pretty close, so all in all I think the deck often has at least a fighting chance.