Good Stuff Hoshiko (4th at BLM)

disperse 167

I'm posting this list on behalf of @The King who piloted this deck to 4th place at the BLM tournament. I had the pleasure of being his "Oracle" for the tournament, narrating cards over Discord and operating JNet while he told me what to do. The rest is in The King's words:

Believe it or not, I was having trouble deciding on a runner ID.

"Just play 419" everyone said.

But it turns out I am a horrible pilot of Criminal.

I landed on Hoshiko because I love Anarch and thought the extra card draw and money would serve me well.

Deck choices:

Bravado... MVP. Being able to use Bravado to not lose tempo during runs or trashing assets behind ice or keeping you out of HHN range was super clutch.

Other cards had their time to shine during the tournament; The Turning Wheel on a last run dig on HQ to win a game as well as Trickster Taka for the credits needed to complete that dig. The Paladin Poemu / Keiko engine with Career Fair made so much money throughout the tournament and helped me keep the pressure on my opponents.

Ice Carver and Datasucker helped saving 3-6 credits breaking ice and helped win a game, reducing an Anansi to St 3 so I was able to Stimhack through it and an Aiki for the win.

The rest of the deck is just Good Stuff, in the Swiss it beat Argus, ASA, Saraswati, CTM, and lost to @Swifty's Earth Station.

In the cut it lost again to to @Swifty and a well piloted CTM.

Thank you to everyone who helped with being an Oracle, all the practice paid off.

I want to especially thank @disperse for Oracle'ing almost 12 hours of Netrunner. Next time I ask him to Oracle for a tournament he's going to say "No". (We'll see about that...)

Thanks to all of the organizers, NISEI, and everyone who played and otherwise participated in this great tournament.

1 Jul 2020 fiveplus5is55

Awesome deck, played against it on Jnet