Az Made The Cut! (4th at 18 person SC)

paulyg 1034

A little fed up of grinding 419 and Leela games, I decided to return to a fun Az concept for the Norwich SC. And what could be more fun that a draw engine that consists of filtered draw on both turns that you install at a discount and can keep selling to your pal Aesop?

The good crim event package is trimmed down to its bare bones here so that we can get a little more value from Az. Baklan is an underrated card in my opinion - you can boost it up and derez something big, or use it to stop a Border Control play or instantly derez a Tour Guide. Beth sometimes means you get two clickless filtered draws between your turns. Boomerangs for 1 credit? Yes please.

I'm not going to claim that this deck is amazing (though, hey, it did finish top of swiss), but it's great fun to play and you can make lots of money if you get going. Don't be afraid to keep slamming new Class Acts down to get tons of cards.

On the day this won a long game against Blue Sun, just about squeaked a win against wide CtM, lost to a fast Outfit and beat a glacier GameNet. In the cut it lost to the same CtM (assets are definitely its weakest area, but I felt like people were swinging back away from those decks because of the amount of hate around).

Give it a try and let Az bring a smile to your face.

13 Jul 2020 Saan

Aesop's in Az is a lot of fun. Selling The Class Act for 3 (which you installed for 3 anyhow) in order to install another one (also for 3!) to get the card draw feels great. I think my version also played Earthrise and Career Fair, because selling Earthrise after drawing 4 cards is still 4 cards for 1 credit (or net 2 credits, if you used Career Fair). I'm also liking that you can use Aesop's to get rid of the Drug Dealers once they've outstayed their welcome and that you get to use The Class Act on the Corp's turn with the Dealers as well. That's some cool shit.

13 Jul 2020 paulyg

Yeah, getting to the phase of the game where you drew your whole deck and so you take 3 credits to sell off a Drug Dealer to pump your Rezeki drip up to 2/turn is a pretty good time :)