Blue Sun's Out - Blue Guns Out - 3rd at Norwich SC

Hacker Girl 899

It's all 3 pointers

This is the deck I took to Norwich SC.

Blue sun feels strong vs the 419 right now and the lack critic makes punitive always live.

It went 3-1 in the swiss, losing to Az. It lost both it's cut games, one to a 5 agenda no ice opener and the only ice draw the whole game was surveyor, and the other to Apoc Anarch. 2 SSLs stolen at various points, both divested back, but I hit the IHW on the first punitive both times. I decided to play super lose and throw 6 points in the bin for a super cheesy win if they went to apoc, but dues wild let them draw up to also steal the 3 advanced cityworks in the remote. I'm fully aware that was due to me being loose at the end, don't play the deck like that, slow and steady wins the flatline.

The Tyr is a spicy include that's caught a few people off guard and is a nasty facecheck (and an oversight AI target if you're desperate.)

Snare! was a last second decision, which I'm still not sure on.

Overall I enjoyed the games with the deck, and thanks to Ian for running.

11 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

Did you regret not running more than 1 Oversight AI?

11 Jul 2020 Hacker Girl

Nope. I always found the window to use OAI is usually turn 1-2, after that it becomes dead as most runners will pay 7 to paperclip to kill a chiayshi and deny you 12 credits. Building blocks and hedge/ipo are where the money is at.

Cutting the OAIs down also meant I could run dedicated, which are amazing with CWP, but also useful for hortum vs decks that rely on turtle too much. (or lose their decoder to a snare! like that happened in round 2).

14 Jul 2020 Nxxdles

How about Gene Splicer over Snare? Since you are running dedication and 3 pointers.