Titan Giveth/Titan Taketh 4th APAC

qvm 1712

This deck went 4-0 in Swiss (1 ID), and 1-2 in the cut. It lost twice to Longi's Leela (congrats!)

I had some insane luck against Chaosjuggler on stream (and even rezzed the Owl). But the next day Titan showed me the other side of that coin. That's fine though, because it's my own fault for playing such an rng-heavy deck.

My owlnly regret is removing the third fast track.

10/10 though, would play again.

19 Jul 2020 Longi

Hey, congrats on the performance. What really surprises is the inclusion of the Owl. Did it perform well?

19 Jul 2020 qvm

The sentence about fast track above should give a clue about which card I'd swap for it:D

I wanted to force a killer, and it sometimes annoyed Engolo, but eh.

19 Jul 2020 percomis

Honest to god, including Owl just for the Twitch comments was more than justified :D Very well done Yannick, glad to see you back in the game and doing really well at the same time <3

27 Jul 2020 vesper

This deck is far from owlful. Great showing, good games, let's get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble at the Intercontinentals!