APOCOSHOP - 3-1, 4th Place @ Seattle SC


Leading up to Seattle SC I was not feeling runner. I had been experimenting with Shaper decks since the Ban List dropped, however Shaper is just plain BADDDD right now. I knew that in order to win with Shaper I needed some SPICE! My metamate Cryptogram and I toyed around with some Wu decks with Apocolypse as an out. However, the more we talked about the rig we realized as often is, the idea seemed better in Hayley.

Gameplan - Lay low and pretend to be your standard Pawnshop Hayley and spend a few turns pounding the Proco and setting things up. Set up for the Apoc turn with Hyperdriver, still no suspicions at this point. You have 7 click to figure out how to get into all 3 centrals with a combination of Euler, Pelangi, Simulchip and friends. Do the chef's kiss and throw that sweet Apoc on the table.

The Reality - This deck is actually very hard to pilot. You have to only invest what you need to land the Apoc and allow yourself enough resources to bounce back after Apoc. Optimally you can drop a Pawnshop the end of the Apoc turn or next turn to sell all your facedown cards. Bonus points for having Stargate for the post Apoc board state, that card is silly broken and wins games! This deck is defo a meta call with assets and FA decks being the hot sauce right now. It may be hard to drop Apoc against glacier but then again most Corps don't respect Shaper pressure.

Game Report -

Round 1 - Loss - Radiant's Nasty RP - After he had a lot of assets brewing catch him with his pants down and land the Apoc, and landed it again later. However, learned the lesson of not having enough of the bounceback and he rushed back out. Ironically Prana Condenser saved Apoc from getting nicked by HoK tokens.

Round 2 - Win - Sedatedfork Palana Rush - He build a remote with 2 ice and 1 ice on RnD and HQ each. Again pants down easy Apoc with Pelangi and Euler. He wisened up after that but 7 click Hyperdriver turn was able to get around 2 Nisei token and Biovault to land the 2nd Apoc. Stargate to finish it out.

Round 3 - Win -Steve (from Ireland) Grinder PE - This was actually a very difficult game because HoK and Sting damage got all 3 Apocs! This was a game of drawing up with Proco and poking servers. Stargate, Euler and Pelangi were enough to get the needed agendas into the bin through a nasty Chiyasi.

Round 4 - Win - Anarchomushroom(sp?) MORPHLING Sports - I knew this deck was lightening fast so no time for much setup. Get Stargate up turn 2 and able to snatch a Vacheron without counters on it. Able to snatch another Vacheron with counters so 7 points once the clock ticks down. However, he is basically scoring and agenda per turn. So decide that Apoc would maybe slow him down enough. Barely got the W as the last corp turn he was 1 credit or 1 click short.

Conclusion - This deck could probably use a lot of tweaking and would love to hear peoples' ideas but BOOYYY it was fun hearing the gasps of Apoc outta Pawnshop. Shoutout again to Cryptogram for awesome day and the help with this deck. Also, because of the 10am PST start we were able to pick up some international flair with a couple lovely Irish chaps! The ultimate East V West.