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Dunsch 12

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28 Jul 2020 Dunsch

2nd Version of my Jesminder deck originaly build for the Colone Store Championship. There is one mistake in the deck, 2 Cordyceps and only one Pelangi (happens when it's late and you edit your deck drunk). This deck played 1-5-1 on EUAC (obviusly I didn't played all 7 games because my opponent couldn't join the game :( ). It's not the fastest deck and absolutly shitty against Assed spam(be fast on RnD or lose). The most card choices should be obvius: Dedicated Processor makes for example Bukhallter a realy cheap breaker (Anansi for 5 isted of 7 without getting 2 creds back) Cordyceps is a fun one make a succesfull run on an central server with ICE and then change one of these ICE with one of your choice.

All idears on how to change the deck and make it better are alway welcom.