Blue Sun(ny) - 3rd place @ Euros

Cpt_nice 1253

Getting into our servers? Not very likely

This is the Blue Sun deck that carried me to the bronze medal at this year's Euros. It took 4 out of 7 games in swiss, including the crucial 241 game in the last round. It won against Apoc Alice, 419, Freedom and Leela and lost vs another 419, Smoke and Hoshiko. In the cut it was in a good position to beat Percomis' Geist, although he timed out before we managed to finish the game and so he unfortunately got a game loss. In the winner's finals it got smacked pretty hard by Asger's Geist, which is probably a bad match up for the deck.

The list is versatile and presents a number of threats. Obviously Blue Sun can set up absolutely monster servers pretty easily with Building Blocks. With Film Critic Gone, Punitive is even better and one of the main win cons every runner has to respect. And if you need to dip low on credits to rez all your ice, you can still pick something up and score on the next turn. The Outfit might be faster overall, but no corp can bounce (ice) back like Blue Sun.

I copied Akira's list and swapped out Hostiles for Divested Trust, which I think is the right call. The money and fast advance of HT is sweet, but the bad pub just hurts a ton. You also never want to see the 2nd one. Trust helps you both win AND not lose, and the way it interacts with Punitive and City Works is just too sweet. Speaking off, Cityworks performed very well and this deck needs a second Dedication Ceremony.

I decided to keep the Oversight AI from my og list, even though I saw good arguments for dropping it. Econ wise it is just one of the strongest first turn plays to use on a Chiyashi or Orion, and if they don't have Paperclip and Stimhack (or some shenanigans), you can safely get it back to hand. It is more dead in the late game, even though the threat of Batty does tend to help you get it off again. Still, I think it is worth running three just because you really want to see this turn 1.

The Psychic Field was spice against 419 and I did manage to pull it off once. It actually sniped double Boomerang from hand, which contributed to a lockout via triple advanced Hortum on R&D, HQ and the remote, definitely the highlight of the day.

Expecting tons of criminals I added some lockout cards. Trojan Horse ended up being hard to use as runners are filthy rich, but it gave me two wins against crims by sniping an Amina and Engolo. Ofcourse Marcus Batty further helps with rigshooting, as well as a potential etr. Ark Lockdown also gave me a win vs Alice, who couldn't find her second Paperclip until the game was pretty much over.

Changes would probably be either leaning more into rigshooting, and/or add additional spice to deal with the Geist match up. I actually don't know if this deck is a strong choice for the current meta, but I wouldn't call it weak or outdated either. We'll see what happens.

Thank you to everyone at Nisei who organised this tournament, to all streamers for the fantastic coverage, and all my opponents for the great games!

27 Jul 2020 Zanetti83

Congratulations for your bronze medal!! I'll try this deck for sure, I'm still enjoying your Saraswati deck you played at Lockdown #6, with very few changes :)

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

@Zanetti83Nice! Saraswati was also considered for this event. It is so fun to play.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Congrats on the deck, the performance, and the glory :-) Good luck with the Intercontinentals!

27 Jul 2020 Zanetti83

@Cpt_nicewhat about gatekeeper/formicary? I like these ice in Blue sun, especially gatekeeper

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

@Zanetti83 I don't think Formicary is good without Cayambe shenanigans. It is just an unexpected rez. And if you move it, it could leave a server open for Turtle.

Gatekeeper is solid but if you don't pick it up every turn it becomes a liability, because at 0 strength Turtle just cruises right through it. Influence is also tight in the deck. You def need to spend 6 on Chiyashi and I like either Batty or maybe Daily Quest and/or Archived.

@vesper Thank you so much. Awesome job on the streaming, as per usual!

29 Jul 2020 Shiro1981

Congrats! I didn't do as well with my Blue Sun, so I might try yours for inspiration :)