Run all the things! - 2020 Euros 3rd Swiss/13th Cut

mendax 885

This is the runner deck that I took to the online Europe & African Continental Championships held on As my first major event in about 3 years I was incredibly happy to be able just to be competitive, and finishing the swiss third was a dream come true. This deck was undefeated during the swiss rounds, and it took considerable misfortune to lose a game a cut.

The main difference between this 419 and any other 419 that I’ve seen recently is the main engine, but behind the choice in engine is the attitude required. The best breaker in the game is your face vs the Corp’s credit pool, and the Dreamnet/Sec test combo stretches the Corp more than they would like in this regard. Even beyond the obvious utility against asset spam CTM/ASA, there are a number of decks that care about your money but would really rather not have to spend an ice & credits protecting archives.

If you are missing the glory days of Andromeda I would highly recommend trying this take on 419 - it really captures that feeling of running hard and fast & putting the corp on the back foot from very early in the game.

29 Jul 2020 ClosDeLaRoche

How did 2x Boomerang and 1x Inside Job feel? Stick with it or cut the Inside Job for 3x Boomerang?