A real Crim alternative: AZ & co go to Europe & Africa

Kobayashi 151

I have this stupid habit of being reluctant the dominating IDs that many are playing. So, for almost one year now, I've been playing AZ with a religious loyalty. After experimenting a lot, this list is probably a very solid Crim alternative to 419 and Leela, with a play style that's just between Crim & Shaper. Like his/her mama, Az gives you a steady -1 cred install pretty much every turn. And Tapwrm buys you the time to set up.

You make ton of money, draw like raging cat, can press early on with Boomerang and install a board tough to deal with in the meantime. Running and triggering Masterwork with The Class Act to install Boomerang is a real never ending joy.

A few tips for newer players :

  • Leave 1 cred on Bank Job & Miss Bones to Aesop them.
  • When drawing another Class Act, feel to Aesop the one installed, play the new one and draw 4 cards for free.
  • In general, only use Kati against slow, taxing corps.
  • draw with Sports Hopper during the Corp's turn to trigger Class Act.

The list went 4 - 3 during the Europe & Africa Continental Championship, beating Aginfusion, Outfit, Titan, Sportsmetal and loosing to 2 Aginfusion and Argus. Two games were lost by clear misplays. Against Argus, it was the dumbest thing ever. This deck, piloted by a more seasoned player, can make a lot.

The tournament was very well organized, and all my game partners truly cool and I was happy to face multiple IDs (Corp wise at least. Leela was just everywhere). Thank you NISEI for all the marvelous job done!

Some other AZ deckbuilding ideas :

  • 2 or 3 Cyberfeeder to install & run cheaper / for free Aumakua + 2 Datasuckers
  • Drug Dealer (nice with Class Act, Aesop when not needed anymore)
  • Beth? Not too sure about this one.