Alice the Malice

Diogene 492

The goal is to kill the corp. For that, you got Wanton D., Fisk I.S., FotM, Stargate and Alice. Labor Right to recurse whichever is the most useful.

Brain Cage to allow for more FotM in hand. Hippo to keep an open access to Archive by trashing the ices.

Because I Can allow you to fun a remote, not access anything, and put back everything (agenda included) in R&D.

Pro.Co allow you to mill the deck and get creds. Eater is all you need. Weyland, with Hortum, is your bane.

Mining Accident it to make your runs cheaper and allow you to trash asset spam (like Replicating Perfection). IHW and Sure G because they are just good. Liberated Account will get you going.

Rezeki keep you going to the end game. Keiko for the much needed MU. 1 of each bin breaker for when you need access absolutely.