Panic Professor / That Time I forgot my decks

Cliquil 1147


I was reminded in conversation today of the time I went to a Netrunner event in Aldershot and forgot


Now, in my defence, I did remember to bring tokens. Nobody had to lend me any tokens. I was fully prepared for any eventuality; credit tokens, tag tokens, bad pub, brain damage... You name it.

Advancement tokens

Virus tokens

Just one small oversight.


So I had to ask some people if they had any spare cards. I, of course, took meticulous notes of what I was borrowing from people and I don't throw away notebooks (it should be noted and made explicitly clear here that I had not only my own notebook, but my own pens) so I've been able to rebuild what I built and, well, here it is. I of course opted for a Professor deck on the proviso that I could then borrow any 1 off program that people had lying around.

It actually won at least 2 games on the day, and I think it won 3 out of 5 but can't fully recall if it managed that.

The corp deck I have fewer notes on, I only seem to have borrowed a Show of Force. 2 Macrophage, and a Tribunal from the kindly Alex Borril so I assume I was given one mostly complete that I then added some top quality cards to to "improve".

So here it is, a small piece of personal history for your enjoyment.