OKORINA 2nd Place - Stim Dealer Gonna Mill Ya

paulyg 1034

This deck was built for the second of Sanjay's wonderful OKORINA events, where you play with a resource instead of a normal ID, and took second place.

Runs made in the entire tournament: ZERO

The ID for this deck is Stim Dealer so you mostly get 5 click turns but you're on a brain damage clock. Asger and I discussed if this was enough to edge the turbo mill archetype into being good. After playing it, I think my conclusion is "no, but it feels bad when you win anyway".

The basic gameplan is to get down early Spoilers (can be found with Gachapon), then recur Fisks and Gravediggers with Labor Rights until you're about to lose and then install The Black File (again can be found with Gachapon) to try to mill the corp before you do. Titanium Ribs is there to help you not lose key things to your ID or Zer0; Brain Cage and Mercs were mostly tech against The Cleaners / Sentinel Defense Program decks.

Faust and EMP Device theoretically let you run something early if the corp just tries to rush, but most of my games were against Cybderdex Sandbox where they scored an early Nisei and threatened Obokatas all the time so running at all seemed fruitless.

Overall, this deck managed to squeak two wins and was way too slow in the other three games. Luckily my corp did very well.

24 Aug 2020 Swiftie

I was all ready to say Aldershot has never played a mill deck. But then i remember a certain Aldershot palyer had a Underway Renovation deck they did fairly well with at some event in America.

I was then going to say we never made a runner mill deck. But then i remmebr another player with a deck with Equivocation and Encore that just milled the corp.

So instead i'm just going to say i've not played a mill deck so am a better person than them.

24 Aug 2020 paulyg

@Swiftie I promise I felt genuine remorse after playing this deck though!

24 Aug 2020 Swiftie

I guess that does make you better than these other two players...

24 Aug 2020 TugtetguT

I did a runny in one of my games, I swear :P

25 Aug 2020 rotage

@paulygYou feel remorse now but in time you will just become addicted to this without the remorse