OKORINA 2nd Place - Who added Sandbox as an ID?

paulyg 1034

This was my corp deck for the second OKORINA tournament (a very fun event, organised by Sanjay, where your ID is an agenda) and it went undefeated and took me to second place overall.

After making top 4 at the first OKORINA, my prize was to add new IDs to the pool. One that I chose was Cyberdex Sandbox. Turns out it's pretttttttty good. I've been enjoying playing with Sandbox in standard, and it was fairly easy to convert a decent Palana list into a Sandbox list by swapping in some Reverse Infections, changing up the agenda suite and playing a Chiyashi because, look, you start with 9 credits!

Reverse Infection is a pretty great card in this ID, a Hedge that you can play for zero and also purges. Sure, I GUESS I'll play that. Not very much else to say - you try to rush a Nisei or two and then cheese an Obokata behind a Data Loop typically.

At the tournament this deck was 5-0, beating Miss Bones, Paige Piper, Stim Dealer, Aesop's Pawnshop, and The Class Act. In the end I didn't face any Donut, which I was concerned might be the best runner ID and was a big reason why I wanted to play an econ ID corp.

Very fun tournament and all my opponents were lovely.