Run Ken Run

Diogene 695

This is the trick : Use Oracle May to draw as soon as you get it. Always name Events. Either you trash a heap breaker (no problem), trash another Orable May (you already have one) or get an Event + 2 creds.

All your run events (18 of 45) will gain you a cred, meaning they cost you one cred less. Exclusive party is to get draw and cash, after the draw from May.

There is a lot of creds in this deck. 97 creds just in events. Oracle May should give you about 6 creds per 4 turns. Legwork, Inside Job and Spear Phishing will cost you only one cred each and Drive By is free.

Here are the good criminal stuff that is not in the deck : PAD Tap, Boomerang, any console, any other ressources.

31 Aug 2020 Diogene

New version of this coming up. Here is the list if you follow (I'll publish it). 3 Leave No Trace 1 MKUltra 3 Hostage 3 Sure Gamble 3 Diversion of Funds 1 Black Orchestra 3 Spear Phishing 3 Legwork 3 Bravado 1 Early Bird 3 Easy Mark 3 Inside Job 3 Blueberry!™ Diesel 1 Paperclip 2 The Maker's Eye 1 Apocalypse 1 High-Stakes Job 1 On the Lam 3 Special Order 3 Oracle May