TugtetguT-disapproved GameNet (1st Place GNK)

Klopstock 616

What playing a round with this deck feels like for you and your opponent:

In it for the long haul

I played this list in a 6-person GNK in Kiel, going 3-1, beating an aggressive Leela, an even more aggressive Adam and Apoc Hayley, while losing a close game to Sunny.

I got this list from TugtetguT, although he was playing 3 Attitude Adjustment and no Preemptive Action. Although he generally dislikes the change, it was fine on the day, since I drew pretty well, did not get flooded and the Preemptive was good twice, shuffling back two Jinjas that were Ms Bones-ed early on against Leela and made the rebuild after an Apoc easier against Hayley. This change largely depends on the meta you are expecting, since it is a direct answer to Runners that trash a lot of Ice like Apoc Hayley or Anarchs with Chisel and Hippo.

Regarding the list itself: This is a pretty standard Jinja GameNet Glacier. You play huge amounts of Ice that is very cheap to rez but also extremely taxing for the Runner. And to make up for this disparity, it also gives you money. The most important part when playing this deck is to keep HQ empty of Agendas, so you can focus your Ice on R&D and the Remote. Add in Border Controls and it becomes extremely expensive for the Runner to get accesses, while you make lots of money with Daily Quests, Agendas and your ID ability, so you can afford to install and rez all your Ice. The main issue with this deck is actually the time limit. I went to time in 3 of my 4 rounds this tournament. Playing this deck is pretty easy and turns are quick, but games oftentimes drag on for a lot of turns and opponents need to calculate a lot, which prolongs the games further.

31 Aug 2020 TugtetguT

I swear all the games take 20 mins on j-net :-P

1 Sep 2020 qvm

Have you ever scored a 4-point beale?

1 Sep 2020 TugtetguT

A handful of times yes :)