Haas-Bioroid - Version 2.0

Cemehiden 81

20 Nov 2013 HepatitvsJ

I would drop the chums for a third whirlpool and howler. Mix up your ice for 3 Janus and a third Heimdall 2.0. You want that combo to go off. If it does your runner may have some brain damage. This combo works better in jinteki IMO. In HB runners know to save clicks for breaking nasty bioroids. In jinteki they won't expect it meaning they're more likely to take the full 2-4 brain damage and that will end them quick with a couple emp next turn. It takes all 15 inf for the 3 Janus and Howlers but it's possible, especially if they hit a snare or fetal ai.

20 Nov 2013 SynnerG

Hep has a point. Usually runners will click 1/2 for cards, expecting net damage and then run, which means they won't have the clicks to get thru Bioroids, so if they can't use a breaker, they're toast. If you get that to fire off with the Janus, then you don't need to worry about the other parts of the combo like Sentinel Defense Program or Cerebral Overwriters. It should only be 12 influence (Janus is 3 each and Howler is 2 each) so that could still leave room for Jackson Howard, which for now is still auto-include for me. Plus, you know you wanna join the Jinteki Zaibatsu! ;-)

What you would miss out on is the economy powerhouse that is HB:EtF. :-\

20 Nov 2013 Cemehiden

I have vowed to never play Jinteki HepatitvsJ. :) Great advice thank you. I have considered dropping Chum before.