Naomi Notorious (Cambridge SC 2nd)

Saintis 347

Named in a similar fashion to its spiritual predecessor Harvey Toothpaste.

Gotta go fast

Following the rotation of SSL I decided to try a more rushy Outfit deck. It worked quite well, went 3-2 on the day. The main plan is to rush whatever agendas you get early behind 1 or 2 pieces of ice, GFI or Atlas being best. Then you can close out with one or two Atlas + Audacity plays, or by pushing an Oaktown behind a beefy server.

I normally leave centrals lightly defended, trusting good luck and surprise Snare!s to keep me in the game.

1 Oct 2020 lopert

Is engram flush worth the influence? With that point, I typically run a 3rd GFI (-2 Oaktown Renovation, +1 Global Food Initiative + 1 Hostile Takeover) in my outfit decks.