Lolana - UNDEFEATED AT WORLDS (but my runner sucked)

neuropantser 438

There is absolutely nothing spicy about this deck and absolutely nothing spicy about how you play it. Border control is really good and being on 3 saved me in about 3 games. Data Loop is quite good too. I actually liked scoring the Cyberdex more than Nisei early -- it makes it trivial to rez down to 0 and bounce right back up, which is extremely relevant. It's honestly pretty disgusting that you have 6 amazing agendas to score early and while the other 3 aren't good to score then they suck even worse to steal. This deck is absolutely brutal for both you and the runner if the game goes long, because you have a billion things to jam and advance, and the runner usually loses if they guess wrong even once, but you usually lose if they don't. So uh, idk, get good or something.

I see you thinking about cutting a Macrophage. Don't. You're not allowed. Stop it.

I went 5-0 with this in day 1A of Worlds. At that point, I was 6-4 because I am actually incapable of winning games as runner, so I 241'd the last two rounds to try to squeak into the cut. Sadly, I drew Val both times, and I did not get there with Val.

Still: undefeated at Worlds, I guess? That's pretty cool. I'll take it.