Remember the Titans 5-2 in Swiss at Worlds 2020

Sedatedfork 114

Remember the Titans

So this sports deck went 5-2 in Swiss at Worlds. It is pretty lightning fast and uses a combo that I didn't see other sports decks using. This deck was based on the shell of @tanderson's deck during BLM tournament. Every game was tense and crazy which is why I love Sports so much. It is a ride by the seats of your pants Titan deck in HB. Kudos to Limes to winning against Freedom with Sports in the final match to win worlds.

Turns out, Bioroid Work Crew is a hell of a card. An additional fairly inexpensive combo to Fast Advance is to Red Level Clearance to install the Bioroid Work Crew, then gain click. Then rez Bioroid Work Crew to install the agenda and score it. RLC also works nicely with Cal Testing of course, but BWC is 4 to trash so it has a chance of living in your hand until you need it since Miss Bones can't be used for uninstalled cards.

In testing, I found that ice was helpful as early gear checks, but then became typically irrelevant. Your goal is to get to 5 points as quick as possible then when they steal agendas draw for cheap FA combos. At various points I had a CVS or an Ark Lockdown to try to play around clot. However the clot matchup was still bad. My play around clot was mainly to install agendas I didn't care about (mega prix and hyperloop and on occaision a Vacheron and bait the Fast Advance). I was maybe winning those at 20-30 percent with tech, so I just decided to not worry about clot and Freedom and figured you probably lose those matches and I would just lean in to speed and tempo more. I didn't see any of those matchups during Worlds. It is pretty resilent to multiaccess and apoc. This deck easily could have gone 6-1 but for a single access with 15 cards in R&D and the only agenda that mattered being top decked (this was after the Vacheron was scored and I drew 2 cards because I still needed a biotic to win and I wanted to flood HQ with more cards to make that Vitruvius harder to find in HQ -- they had legworked and saw a vacheron with first access and 2 of the remaining cards were Vacheron and Vitruvius. I drew 2 biotics this way.

Loki was a last minute addition. I think that probably should be something else. It's too expensive to rez and it doesn't hard ETR and it really does nothing in the deck lol. This should have been a Game Changer as another option to FA out a Vacheron for the win or perhaps another Archived Memories.

Perhaps my best the play of the tournament was having opponent on 6 real points with a ticking down Vacheron for the win next turn. I had 3 RLC in hand a Bioroid Work Crew and a Cal Testing. But no agenda. A rashida was left untrashed. I rez it and pop it. No agenda. I mandatory draw. No agenda. Click 1 I draw and find a Vitruvius that would be the winning agenda for me if I can score it. I click 2 RLC to install Bioroid Work crew and gain a click. I then spend 2 credits to rez Bioroid Work Crew to install the Vitruvius. At this point I have 2 clicks left and need 3 advancements. Click 3 I play RLC to install a cal testing and gain a click. I then advance advance pop Cal testing to score out PV.

Well run tournament and tons of fun. See you all next year (hopefully in person).