HQ Spam Leela

Frizzler 16

This is the deck I played at Worlds 2020. It won three games, lost three games and had one timed tie. That was more than I expected, as Runners are a lot weaker than Corps at the moment. My Corp performed better, so I ended up at rank 55 of 294.

I used qvm's decklist from Intercontinentals as the engine, and adjusted it to my taste by building a combo around Möbius, Swift and Equivocation.

The cool thing about this deck is that even when there is a matchpoint situation, this deck can turn the game in its favor within one turn: Steal an agenda from a central server (Möbius and Equivocation help a lot), bounce the agenda from the remote and steal it from HQ (with Turning Wheel).

Update: I also played this deck in the Netgiro d'Italia Stage 2.
It won all three games, and all were very thrilling. In one game, I was tagged all over by an NBN Corp, but I could steal enough agendas in my desperation turn.
The last game was most thrilling: The Corp was playing NBN Sync with a 44 card deck and had matchpoint - 4 agenda points and a two times advanced card in a safe remote. I ran R&D two times with Equivocation, seeing 4 cards but no agendas. I had two clicks left and I already thought I had lost this game. No chance to get into HQ or the remote; even the Archives were iced. And I had no more credits left, so I would be unable to steal a Bellona anyway. I finally noticed the tiny number on top of the Corp's R&D: 2. Only two cards left in R&D, as I had played three Fisk in the course of the game. The only Ice on R&D was Slot Machine which could not stop me. It was my first mill-win ever in a tournament game.

15 Oct 2020 martinimon

Looks like a fun deck, nothing like Mobius and Equivocation