Speed under the sun

Diogene 517

How to speed up Sunny (following a very interesting discussion with Capt_Nice).

Sunny has amazing tools. But it require a lot of setup. And some of those tools need a lot of creds (I'm looking at you, Security Nexus).

Gachapon is the usual tools used for Sunny. To speed thing up, I decided to experiment by adding Street Peddler. It does speed Sunny up. Furthermore, to counter the creds problem, one Peace in Our Time is there.

But what can be done if you absolutely need to make an early aggression. Boomerang is my answers. I tried Rigged Result before that, for half the inf. It is powerful because you can choose any ice that will be bypassed, even in the middle of the glacier. But on the long term, like Sunny often goes, the self recurring Boomerang is better.

Here is the bit that is salty here : No White or Black Hat. Instead, I went for Datasucker, 3x Rezeki and Q-Coherence Chip. Giving me the cheat AI (Aumakua + Datasucker) and the full drip suite. That drip is the lifeblood of Sunny. And with Datasucker and Security Chip, Aumakua will be able to work on every ice there is after only 2 runs.

I tried Paragon instead of Security Nexus, but Capt_Nice was right, Security Nexus will save you creds after 3 or 4 runs, with its bypass ability.

So far, it has worked pretty good. No One Home would be nice for tags here. But the best I could do was one Citadel Sanctuary. Can't have everything.

I'll keep on experimenting. Maybe a DJ Fenris with Hayley would give me more click compression? We'll see.

22 Oct 2020 Krams

Good to see I'm not the only one trying to make Sunny work lately :D

And yes, Boomerang is nice in Sunny. Have you tried using it on Jak Sinclair runs? Worked for me.

22 Oct 2020 Cpt_nice

@Diogene Looking very nice. Boomerang is great in any deck and obviously here as well. I just haven't gotten around to really testing it yet. I would prob drop a Falsified for it.

Citadel Sanctuary is a great alternative for No One Home and Misdirection :)

22 Oct 2020 ShinMuteki

Tried DJ Fenris and he looks good on paper but doesn't do much in a 1 of in a 50 card deck. If you have him early sure, but mid game he is a little useless.

23 Oct 2020 Diogene

@Krams Jak Sinclair is very good. Really good value. I could take off an Daily Cast for it maybe. I'll try it.

@Cpt_nice This would be replacing one Boomerang by one Falsified Credential. There is value, since it synergize with Aumakua and provide possibly a net of 4 creds. I'll try it.

@ShinMuteki This is a fair assessment of DJ Fenris. Like rebirth, the strategy should not be based on it. DJ is vetter with Criminal, because they can tutor it. I agree with you.

It feel strange to be able to make Sunny work with only 1/3 of her events. White Hat is pretty strong, but it seems to me that I have other things to use that are more important.

I'll continue with this deck while at the same time trying another iteration : pushing the draw even further with Earthrise Hotel.