Draw First

Diogene 517

Continuation on the experiments to speed up Sunny. Here, I lean on draw a lot. This will result in milling through the deck super fast.

The draw comes from Office Supply, Gachapon, Earthrise Hotel and Street Peddler. That is 15 out of 50. Those cards will allow you to draw 30 cards, install 6 cheaper and discard 12 cards. Career Fair is there to lessen the burden on the wallet.

To lessen the impact of all those discard, Trope is used. This will allow you to get back cards and stay in the game for those long game.

Sacrifice had to be made for this setup. On top of having no White or Black Hat, there is no Daily Cast and no DreamNet.

Next iteration, I'll cut a Citadel Sanctuary for a DreamNet.

Note that Trope is not trashed, but removed from the game. It seems to not trigger the Q-Coherence Chip condition.

Just for historical reference, I won against a Blue Sun deck which was playing Embolus and Sandburg (insane combination with Blue Sun econ). The corp went 286 of its 296 credits gained. And I used 216 of my 219 credits gained. For a 30 turns long game.I drew 45 cards and only 22 were drawn by clicks. Blue Sun was piloted by the gracious sinsteferi and was played perfectly. This reference is to demonstrate the power of Sunny and her tools. This game would not have been possible with any other ID.

23 Oct 2020 Krams

Always glad to see someone tinkering with Sunny!

With Datasucker and Aumakua, I think it would really be important to include DreamNet to get even more out of starting to run early and regularly.

I just posted my own deck Jak "Boomerang" Sinclair for comparison. It looks very different from yours, but also tries to run early and often, using Datasucker, Jak Sinclair, John Masanori and The Turning Wheel. Maybe we both can learn from each other's tries.

One thing I ditched early was Security Chip. I really like the power of that card, but it's real power lies in the late game when you have your and the enemy has stacked their ICE. But Sunny has enough late game power without it. Early game, getting +2 or +3 strength for 1-2 encounters is saving you maybe 4, which is only a little more than Easy Mark level of play.

24 Oct 2020 Diogene

@Krams I tried your version. John Masanori + DreamNet is a great draw engine. Jak Sinclair make it clickless and Boomerang allow you to pass two ices on that clickless run. Of course, like any combo, it need many pieces to work : 4 cards (if you include Security Nexus) to setup is a lot. All this being said, I still found it better than using Earthrise Hotel. The only advantage of using Earthrise Hotel is that you can use it early as a draw engine, which help a lot in speeding up the initial setup.

I found that you are right about Security Chip. It is a powerful tool (especially against glacier), but those slots can be used for things that speed up (with draw or creds) Sunny.

Next trial : using an combination of your idea with Gachapon and Street Peddler. Let's see if this can make the draw even faster (and save some creds).