Orange & Black v2.0

GingercredMan 131

I set out to see how DoF would be in a Reina deck as a bit of a throwback to the Anatomy of Anarchy deck. What I ended up with is way more aggressive than anything I've built before and it's been great fun to play.

Setup is extremely fast thanks to Zer0, Gachapon and I've Had Worse, so you can get to work hammering every server and draining away the corp's money. Aumakua (why the hell is this card 1 inf?) can get up to strength pretty easily if the corp can't pull together enough money to keep you out of every server and is tough to effectively purge.

Unsurprisingly this deck is weak to damage towards the end of the game as you can draw through the whole deck without even noticing it.

27 Oct 2020 ZeroCool

Was just working on something like this myself!

29 Oct 2020 Diogene

@GingercredMan Very aggressive deck. Really fit the theme of Anarch. Everything cost the corp. Well done. I thought that Keiko could be used, which would allow the use of Data Folding, but this deck is made to go fast, so I rejected that idea. I feel that +1 Mining Accident and -1 Hijacked Router would serve better, since MA insure a bigger drawback for the corp.

Again, amazing deck. The DoF with Reina is plain genious.

6 Nov 2020 jamesmarcus

How does the deck perform without Stimhack?