MirrorMorph Bio Roiders

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The concept behind this deck was to revisit Bioroids and see if the new additions from Nisei had a positive impact on its viability. Originally, this deck had much more bioroid ice, including the big boys Tyr and Fairchild. In testing, I found that going horizontal actually performed better than simply going glacier and hoping to FA. So, I paired down the ICE list to include what are essentially gear-check pieces (although Fairchild 3.0 is still as solid as ever) and Border Control for remotes to serve as much needed ETRs in the end game. My thinking was that it made sense to limit money spent on ICE and pressure the Runner's econ choices with a litany of trashable assets and upgrades, most of which are Bioroids. And with FA being the game plan, money is needed, esp with Focus Group shenanigans.

The game plan is essentially: get Bass out, ideally in a Tranquility Home Grid server with some Warroid Trackers and Ash, and wait for appropriate scoring windows: either with a simple Vitruvius score using Bass (can be done with 6 creds or less with Tranquility on line) or a more complicated sequence involving Bass(s), Focus Group and manipulation of clicks to trigger ID to allow for an extra advancement. Results have been mixed, but it's also been a lot of fun. Focus Group is low key amazing, esp against well-known Runner archetypes where there's very little guessing about what's in the grip. The original deck had only 1 copy, but it was so effective, it made sense to increase, eventually even over a third Border Control.

Agenda suite is meant to capitalize both on the ability to score out of hand and allow for a benefit for scoring. Original list tested out 3x CFC Excavation Contract when it had more ICE targets, but it's still a decent credit bump in the mid game so I've went down to 2x. Also originally, I slotted in the excellent Project Vacheron, and while it would prolong games, without the added benefit of a bonus effect, I thought it made sense to switch over to Voting Machine Initiative instead of fighting the inevitable loss on the extra turns, which happened more often than using that window to score out. Also, Ikawah Project here for Clot shenanigans so that there is still difficulty in snagging this one (ideally should be installed in Border Control/Ash server, so that clicks matter more). Recently added in The Future is Now to help find Focus Group or other needed pieces.

Besides Bass' obvious usage, the assets are meant to supplement the ID's need for other click options, while also supplying econ options and deterrents for Runner. Ronald Five is the most recent include and when it's out early, it can really save the other assets shelf life, esp when Warroids also show up early.

Operations are standard: need money and recursion. Lateral Growth used to be Fully Operational back when there was more ICE, but now the card allows for more MirrorMorph triggers. Game Changer is also a recent include, figuring it to be a nice The Future is Now target and a late game savoir.

Hope you enjoy hanging out with the MirrorMorph Bio Roiders. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

3 Nov 2020 muldr

I can confirm this deck is a pain to play against. I would say maybe Eli is worth slotting over Naja for the cost of one extra credit?

7 Nov 2020 ShinMuteki

Why no MCA?

9 Nov 2020 grimgravyboat

@ShinMutekiJust haven't tested with it, but I'm sure it would work well. Maybe cut the Calvin entirely?

@muldrYeah i've already re-added Eli :p