Stealth Theory (4th at Lockdown #10)

Longi 1257

As I wanted to play AgInfusion at this tournament (my premiere wit this ID) I was not left with much choices for the runner ID considering the fact that too many important criminal cards were banned. So once again I decided to play a shaper. And since I only know hot to play Smoke I simply copied her build into 40 cards Chaos Theory and put in three Mantles to make up for Smoke´s ability. CT has enough memory to capitalize on them.

The deck did not loose a game in the swiss. In the cut it lost a close game to tricky BoN masterly piloted by Möbius Striptease. Thanks for an interesting game and pleasant chat we had.

As usual, thanks everybody who participated in this refreshing format and special thanks to Vesper who continues to make this happen!

15 Nov 2020 Cpt_nice

I am happy I dodged this deck, stealth breakers and On The Lam for Punitive would def have shut down my deck

15 Nov 2020 Longi

@Cpt_niceNow I know I chose poorly in the cut when I decided to play corp against you:) Well, I had no idea that the runner combo you had was that strong. Lesson learned, see you next season;)