An Exploration of Throwback Format: 'Mike Dyson'

Baa Ram Wu 399

I'm going to be posting a decklist a day looking at the interesting side of Throwback Format deckbuilding.

What is Throwback Format?? Simply put it's Standard but you can add 1 full playset of a rotated card OR play with a rotated ID - Eric aka Whiteblade is running a Charity Tournament on the 5th using this tournament! More info here -

Now please feel free to stick 3x Account siphon into your reg 419 or Caprice Nisei into your Jinteki Glacier but if you could just wake me up afterwards from the coma inducing slumber you have put me in due to your unimaginitve deckbuilding!!

Instead let me try to inspire you with some slightly more off the wall choices! Starting with:

'Mike Dyson'

Throwback Card: Dyson Fractal Generator

In the words of Backstreet Boys... Tell Me Why?

Stealth Anarch tends not to exist and for good reason! Outside of Trickster Taka, in faction Stealth credits are non existant currently and dont even get me started on how bad Blackcat is as a breaker! DFG gives a reccuring stealth credit that can be used on Fractors, so far so mediocre until you notice that Penrose has the subtype Fractor!

This deck intends to set up at a blistering speed and then make runs for free using DFG, Net Mecur, and Taka to fund its rig. Gachapons, Peddlers, Hotels, Dreamnet and Hoshiko all get you were you wanna be going in no time.

Stargate and TTW are your win cons.

Throwback Matchup considerations:

Skorpios/Rig shooter: A potential issue - make sure you save your second Penrose and this is the reason for the back up MK ultra.

Midseasons Replacements: You wont have the money to outbid the trace so you want to stargate enough agendas to win in 1 turn here (swapping the data sucker for an imp is definitely a good shout)

Caprice Jinteki: You should be able to set up quick enough to just keep them stargate locked, their ice wont tax you anywhere near as much as they will want it to so running 1ce a turn shouldn't be an issue.

15 Nov 2020 Algebraic

Cool idea! I look forward to seeing all the other decks in this series.