An Exploration of Throwback Format: 'K.P. Wins'

Baa Ram Wu 453

I'm going to be posting a decklist a day looking at the interesting side of Throwback Format deckbuilding.

What is Throwback Format?? Simply put it's Standard but you can add 1 full playset of a rotated card OR play with a rotated ID - Eric aka Whiteblade is running a Charity Tournament on the 5th using this tournament! More info here -

Now please feel free to stick 3x Account siphon into your reg 419 or Caprice Nisei into your Jinteki Glacier but if you could just wake me up afterwards from the coma inducing slumber you have put me in due to your unimaginitve deckbuilding!!

Instead let me try to inspire you with some slightly more off the wall choices!

Deck number 2 in the series is:

K.P. Wins

Throwback Card: K.P. Lynn

It warms my cockles to be able to play this deck again as I do have an absolute love for making genuinely un-runnable servers!

K.P. Lynn comes from the rotated Terminal Directive big box which is a great place to look for some buck wild cards that are rife for bringing back throwback style!

The specific game plan here is to set up a remote with K.P. Lynn protecting it and then install Formicary's where ever seems good (archives, outside of centrals as hippo protection etc.) then start pushing through agendas - if the runner wants to approach your server, their gonna take a tag, + tags for as many formicarys as you have unrezzed and their probably gonna get Border controlled for their trouble too.

You can then blue sun your formicarys back to reset your misery machine!

Just remember to thank NISEI that Cayembe Grid is banned or this deck would be really gross!

The obvious answer is just to hit centrals which is where Armed intimidation comes in as it often creates a 'dammed if you do, dammed if you don't' situation if the runner isn't ready for it.

La costa helps with Click compression as you will need to spend a fair amount of time bouncing and re-installing ice.

Throwback Matchups:

Account Siphon: 3x Crisium grids, Building Blocks and Expensive ice to rez and duck siphons should help you here, plus the ability to bounce back.

Parasite: Can be tricky if they have multiple datasuckers on the go as you will have to find time to ice up and purge, both Orien and Chiyashi survive a single Devil Charm which can be good enough!

17 Nov 2020 Cpt_nice

Delightfully devilish!