Preach It, Flower!

Koschei 134

“But Nisei Mk II is superior to Flower Sermon”! Haters ‘gonna hate.

Notes on certain inclusions:

Flower Sermon - A major defender of HQ and R&D. It allows you to juggle cards from one to the other to force or deny certain accesses. R&D run? Put a Snare! on top. Agenda flooded? Remove one from your hand and dilute HQ. It also guarantees a credit on the runner’s turn from Hyoubu’s ability.

Project Yagi-Uda - Works great as a flat 3/2, but also falls under the motif of the deck. Save an agenda from being stolen and gift them with a useless access. I find that even 1 counter is a nice thing to have.

Public Health Portal - Get this sucker in your remote with a couple ice and Jinja protecting it, and it makes insane money for you. Who cares if the runner sees you draw a Philotic? If they run HQ to get it, use a Flower Sermon counter to stash it back in R&D!

Snare! - This card should rarely, if ever, be installed. Keep it in hand for the runner to hit, or held at the ready to put back on top of R&D.

Replanting - An interesting choice that I find has many uses. It can be used to pull back a Snare! if you installed it, or relocate a piece of ice to a more suitable server. My initial reason for including it was Parasite. I didn’t want the Border Control being trashed prematurely. Just pull it back and reinstall it! It’s also nice if you decide Excalibur (or any ice, really) was put in the wrong server.

Preemptive Action - Many of the cards in the deck are 2x, so this is great for putting them back in the deck, mainly Snare!, Bio Vault, and, to a lesser extent, Border Control.

Jinja City Grid - I primarily use this on my single remote, but it often works well on R&D also. HQ is typically more safe because of Snare! Getting this out early is very helpful, as it allows you to choose from different ice to rez on the remote. Also fires the id ability!

Chiyashi - I used to have just one of these, but with the Salvaged Memories update I have found it more useful. There are a few more AIs being run in response to Excalibur, and Chiyashi makes the poor runner suffer for using it. Just make sure to manually fire its two card trash for each sub, it doesn’t fire automatically!

Engram Flush & Sot Machine - Fires your id ability on the runner’s turn.

Excalibur - 1 of, I like it in R&D if the opponent is running Medium, or the remote if they can’t break it. Pairs wonderfully with Border Control and Bio Vault!

Potential changes - Replanting is the first card I think could be put on the chopping block. It’s completely included for flavor, and there are plenty of other cards that could be used instead.

Using The Future Perfect could be a neat trade for Obokata, I haven’t played around with it but seems like it would work well with the way the deck plays.

Any of the non-reveal ice can be to suit your preferences, but because of my infatuation with Border Control I can’t recommend removing it.

Opening hand choices - Standard money and ice, look for Jinja and the Public Health Portal if you can. A couple early ice stacked in front of the portal ensures good money for many turns.

Try to score out a Flower Sermon early, it really helps keep the runner from getting leverage. Also, keep track of when you reveal cards. If you ever click for a credit, use the id instead if you haven’t revealed anything that turn. I avoid revealing the top card of the stack since that gives the runner information as well, and we don’t want that.

Happy hunting!