Angel of the Q-loop

Baa Ram Wu 604

Just before Salvaged Meme-ories hit the netrunner community like a sack of Potatoes I was having a great time Playing about with Prognostic Q-Loop out of Faction.

You can find the Smoke deck i made at the time here: Avenue Q

But the most fun i had was playing Prognostic Q-loop in Val and using Stimhacks and bad pub for speedy discount Hardware & Programmes

Today Sanjay played this version of the deck on his incredible Speed Run Stream - Check it out here! - So I figured its time to publish it.

A few things to mention:

Firstly this is the MOST fun you can have in Val (Fun guaranteed or your bad publicity back!)

I rarely build decks in Val as her straight econ advantage is generally not so suited to the whack Jank I wanna play but this feels like such a blast it should probably be illegal.

You have A LOT of targets for Q-Loop here 13 other Hardware (including recurring boomerangs) and 14 programs which is over half your deck.

The increase to your efficiency once Q-Loop is down is amazing - thinning out your stack and saving many 'click to draw' turns - reminder: you can fire it on the corps turn too! - then there's:

THE SUPRISE FACTOR! - One of the most powerful things this deck can do is make a hippo appear from nowhere to destroy that Anansi the corp thought they were totally safe to rez. Also pulling Parasites, Imp's, devil charms etc. to ruin a corps day or a Boomerang to get through that 10 strength surveyor for peanuts all feel great.

Wanna Stimhack out a Maw??.... do I need to say any more?

(if you are struggling for money you can have Keiko instead - but Maw is the MUCH more fun option!)

DON'T FORGET: Boomerang Shuffles your deck (if you put it back into R&D) - You will forget - trust me - sometimes the right play is not to return it (if the next card seen with Q-loop is more important.

Potential Changes/Other Ideas Tried:

This deck has gone through several iterations - here's a couple of cards I have played around with:

Mining Accident: Originally a 3 of and when you got a couple of these down the value was Insane - however, not being a great Val player I found them tricky to land so currently have cut them.

Hijacked Router: Combo's nicely with Q-loop - has potential (especially if playing accidents)

Buffer Drive: Is generally a whack card however it's ability to retrive a card to the top of your stack where it can then be installed with the Q-loop made it a very fun (if janky) include in this deck.

Making an Entrance: 3x in the original Version of this deck - The synergy is obvious but was replaced with Zer0.

E3 Feedback: a x1 instead of 1 boomerang as a money save for 3 sub ice (both for boomerangs and Mk/Bloch). Was ok but the third boomerang is probably better.

Simulchip: An include in a version that focused more on ice trashing with Parasite and Chisel.

Devil Charms: I have just realized that this list is still on 2 which is a throwback to to Parasite/Chisel heavy version - probably drop to 1.

Aumakua: I did experiment with a version that played Turtle, Sports Hopper, Security chip and Devil Charm. It didn't work.