Swoopin' Boopin

DonLoverGate 119

AG with a scoring plan based around Excalibur.

gif (Me, at our Martian HQ, redirecting you, the runner, into my Excalibur)

Every ice is disposable making a lot of scores inevitable.

Please feel free to ask questions about card choices and overall gameplan.

15 Feb 2021 Diogene

Cool deck.

Why not use Celebrity Gift instead of Sweep Week?

Also, since ices are disposable, wouldn't Cortex Lock have more value as a possibility deadly facecheck?

Thanks for posting, it is nice to see an AgInfusion deck using the meta.

16 Feb 2021 DonLoverGate

I hate Celebrity Gift - it carries a massive information disadvantage that cannot be rectified with economic gain.

Cortex Lock is a fine ice, but there's nothing in here that I would readily swap out for it. Good runners won't die to it (on average), and it is a bad late-game ice. (No disrespec tho, it's a good ice).

16 Feb 2021 DonLoverGate

Regarding card choices, 8 agenda suite means fewer losses to random rnd digs. To reduce risk of agenda dearth, DRM is included - HQ is usually iced with (stacked) Engram Flushes to make for costly runs.