Lockdown 12: Feb 2021. WLLW

willybn1 11

Having been out of Standard for a couple of months, playing lots of Reboot and Retrunner i wanted to play Vespers Lockdown having missed #11. So short cut - I net decked this to give me a break from the Spark decks I was playing in previous rounds.

I had to cut Rashida, Border Control and Hedge so fairly different to the original and undermining the win conditions. replaced with IPO, Beanstalk, something else.

Round 1 Win vs an 80 cards MaXX deck ! tbh all cards fell intoplaceand i scored out with Audacity Round 2 Loss vs Smoke and stealth creds. Never really in the game. Round 3 loss vs Lat and just an awesome rig. Ditto above. Round 4 Win vs Kab Wu. But tbh my opp made a mistake running the remote with a fully loaded Mausolus whilst holding 2 cards. a win is a win though ....

Overall i enjoyed this deck, despite losing some of it's edge with banned cards.

My personal targets for the tourney (thanks again Vesper) 1. don't come last and 2. (stretch target) win at least one game with each side. I ended up 'not last' and took 2 corp and 1 runner win.

2 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

wp, I had no chance at all :) (was an 88 cards Maxx though)