Aggressive SYNC! - Active NBN play (2nd 4/5@Swedish League)

Bridgeman 805

Seeing SYNC do reasonably well at worlds was inspring, but I disagreed with the approach.

A setup with 3 Bellona 3 Degree mill and some amount of echo chambers is solid but it doesnt play into the IDs strength: The early HHN threat.

Sync has a great window early on in the game to score out agendas under the threat of HHN, but if all you are getting is agenda points the runner can sit back and relax until they have enough money to be safe.

The answer is simple, SYNC must be aggressive! Each score should accelerate our own play or slow down the runner.

This way we can free up the passive slots used for echo chamber and degree mill and turn them into pressure tools that synergize with our greatest strength.


  • Fly on the wall: To never let the runner feel relaxed about an advanced card in your remote. With this you either force an expensive run through your remote or you get a point and the opportunity to reset the runners credit pool, putting them in HHN range once again. Naturally any valuable resources are up for grabs as well.
  • Corporate Sales team: Increases your momentum tremendously on score putting the runner in the position of having to chose between a risky run or a big swing in your favor.
  • Bellona: Not only recoups it´s own cost but synergizes beautifully with closed accounts to make it very hard for a tagme runner to steal enough points.


  • To be able to close out games when a runner goes tagme we have our trusty BOOM! with consulting visit backup.

  • Our tripple economic warfare make it hard for the runner to stay safe against HHN early and give us 3 weyland cards at the same time.

  • Closed accounts to make our little fly a big threat and making it very uncomfortable in general to keep any amount of tags.

  • Preemptives to keep our boom threat alive if it gets trashed, but can naturally help with other things as well.

No room for a 3rd sweeps week unfortunately :)

Originally played casting call inspired by saans worlds deck: But then sweeps week was brought back :D


  • Importing mausolus to enable consulting visit, but also because it is a damn good ice in SYNC.

  • Ideally ravens go on the remote to create a taxing hell where you eventually cannot run without getting tagged beyond belief.

  • In general the other ice goes on centrals as it protects better against tagme. The ice suite is designed to be taxing and cheap in general, keeping the runner out is not as important as draining credits without spending too much.

Thought I´d post as this meta now is drawing to a close and to me this was a little gem within it. Super fun to play dynamic NBN :)

20 Mar 2021 Saan

I was going to say that this looked very similar to my World's list, but then I finished reading the description =P Since then I've swapped Product Placements to Sweeps Weeks as well. I'm also doing Archived, because of both the BOOM! and the fact that my 7th point is Echo Chamber, and sometimes you need to get one back. Playing 2x Maus is great, though, and is a super sick splash in SYNC.

Glad to see the general deck concept is still going strong =)

20 Mar 2021 DonLoverGate

Very cool deck my friend. Orbital Cakes shall never die!

Why Corpo Sales over Cyberdex?

20 Mar 2021 Bridgeman

@SaanYeah I used to play archived in my Azmari for the same reason, there I played surveyors which left room for it. But since SYNC is poorer than azmari and the overall gameplan is slightly less glaciery I didnt want surveyor in here.

Mausolus was the only weyland card I found myself actually wanting in this list beyond just enabling consulting visit and endud up scrapping the archived setup for that reason. I tried to compensate with a 2nd preemptive, which is not as good as archived but works well enough.

@DonLoverGateThanks dawg! Personally I find it is better to have the generic money than the more specialized anti virus money, and also this list doesnt include any purging cards. If viruses were a huge issue for me I might switch but I like how generally good the sales team is.