The Medtech 6

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This deck is based off of Team Covenant's Tim Bunn's article about the 6 agenda Medtech deck.

This deck is tough to beat. But once you understand that IAA means agenda, well you know you have a window.

With that in mind, I needed to add some form of card that I can IAA and force the runner's hand at times.

The idea is that this deck doesn't struggle for econ, so take out some minor econ to include the trap. The econ I swapped out may need adjusting, but seems solid at this point.

5 Jun 2014 m_fun


7 Jun 2014 solendor

@m_fun IAA is install, advance, advance

7 Jun 2014 wdlp

Regarding IAA, I had the same thought when I saw him playing. It was a huge tell, especially from my perspective when piloting the deck. Because I knew that I ran 0 traps.

But the Runner doesn't know that what you just IAA'd isn't a Junebug, or a Ronin or whatever and they have to respect that it could be one.

Nevertheless I also added 2 Junebugs and felt a lot safer and a lot Jinteki-er just having the option to set a trap.