Audacious Outfit (3rd of 34 Early Birds)

Longi 1436


I have not tested the new meta much but having watched the spoilers I believed that runners would prevail in the mid- and lategame and that the only reasonable game plan for corp is to rush. And if you can punish somehow the runner that tries to intercept you, even better. As much as I would have loved used Argus for that I am not convinced that he is good enough since runners are way too rich nowadays. But I wanted to play Weyland so Outfit it was. It is richer than Argus and has better ice suite.

The deck content is not innovative at all. I used the modernism version and tried to improve its speed. So I added two Spin Doctors and two Sprints (free advice - the correct amount of Doctors is three). The cherry on the top was second Audacity which is something @Swiftie recommended me some time ago and I wanted to give it a try. With four 3/2 agendas in the deck it only makes sense. Especially when you can now returned the ditched cards with Spin Doctor.

The play style also remains unchanged. Go fast or the publicity you do not care about will be the grave of yours. It somehow worked and the deck went undefeated.

I would like to thank @Ysengrin for TOing this tournament to the very end, despite all complications. I liked the single-swiss format, it has its unique tempo and I also appreciate the fact that there is no IDing or 2for1ing.

My runner choice for this tournament is here